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Robert's Rules of Innovation™ the imperatives to Create & Sustain "NEW" in Business. Robert's Rules of Innovation™ provides the imperatives to deliver profitable growth through Innovation. From the I of Inspiration to the N of Net Result...it addresses all elements that will lead to a successful and sustainable Innovation strategy.

Click on each letter of INNOVATION (below) to explore the imperatives...

Innovation Coach

Workshop - Innovate to Thrive

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Exponential Leadership and Innovation

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”  While there is no hard evidence to attribute the above quote to Henry Ford, there is no argument that he was a visionary of his time. He created something that consumers didn’t realize they needed, by making the automobile affordable. He […]


Great leaders blaze new trails, inspire new ways of thinking, and lead their organizations with purpose. In order for any company to meet its goals and to achieve sustainable Innovation, leaders need to inspire their teams, top to bottom, and bottom up. They must involve their entire organization in the vision, and promote an honest and […]

Aligning Generation X, Y, and Flux for Innovation Implementation in 2015

Here’s to a New Year of Innovation! Goodbye two-thousand and fourteen – Hello to the New Year! Typically with the passing of a year, I spend the first few hours feeling nostalgic. Facebook has their “year in review,” news outlets have their “best of 2014 lists,” and we all take a look back at last […]

Innovation and Disruptive Necessity

Is the world getting smaller, or are we seeing further? Today we stand on the shoulders of giants in a rapidly changing world. In order to gain the competitive edge needed to stay relevant, it is imperative that businesses seek to disrupt their own business model before the competition does. Innovate or die the adage […]

Innovation Speaker Robert F. Brands is Principal of Brands & Company, LLC., the Founder of Innovation Coach, "Helping leaders deliver profitable growth through sustained Innovation", and the creator of Robert's Rules of Innovation™.

With a stunning track record of applying innovation techniques and strategies in top-level executive positions for companies such as Rexam Plastics, Airspray and Kohler, Robert Brands is a subject expert on bringing innovation to market. For decades, Robert has consistently delivered on his pledge "to bring at least one new product per year to market", resulting in double digit profitable growth and shareholder value.

Author and creator of Robert's Rules of Innovation, Robert Brands does Innovation and Leadership speaking engagements around the world in which he shares his years of experience creating and improving innovation and product development processes. With topics like "Innovate to Thrive" and "Results Driven Innovation", Robert covers the details of his Robert's Rules of Innovation™ as well as how to be a proven practitioner of innovation, clear steps for implementation, and the value of hands-on experience. His message applies to all companies seeking to start or improve their innovative processes.

You will learn how to continually create and sustain the innovative concepts your business needs to stay ahead in the game. Innovation Speaker Robert Brands will teach you about the four areas that require ongoing innovation within a company: Finance, Process, Offering and Delivery. From the new product development process all the way through the net result and reward, Innovation Management Consultant Robert will share ideas gleaned from real life experience. You will leave with the desire and knowledge to innovate which will result in greater growth and profitability for your company.

Bring Robert in to inspire your group for your next event! For a schedule of events in which Robert will be a keynote speaker, click here. To book Robert for an event, click here.

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