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No Risk… No Innovation

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July 2, 2015

No Risk... No Innovation or No Guts …no Glory, key imperative in Robert’s Rules of Innovation is RISK TAKING. Without risk, there can be no Innovation. Champions of organizational Innovation must have, and encourage, a tolerance for failure and enthusiasm for risk taking. Risk requires investment (people, time, capital), and willingness to invest without ROI assurance. There are five simple steps for encouraging initiative and Innovation. Learn more about risk-taking in the book, Robert’s Rules of Innovation.

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Innovation and The Art of Implementation (Part 1)

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October 21, 2015

 “A good idea is about ten percent. Implementation, hard work, and luck is 90 percent.” — Guy Kawasaki   The very purpose of innovation is to change things up, move processes forward, and disrupt the status quo. “Innovation for the sake of innovation” is a misuse of a very powerful and beneficial tool. Innovating in… Read More

Innovation Management: Keeping Up With the Digital World

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October 8, 2015

All Aboard the Sensor Revolution: How the Internet of Things is Driving Innovation Those who are plugged in know that technology is a swift changing animal—a shapeshifter always in flux, moving forward at a terabit-fast pace. Keeping up with every new buzz and innovation is undoubtedly whiplash-inducing. But look away and you’ll be left behind.… Read More

Prime Time Innovation: Why Audiences Can’t Get Enough of “Shark Tank” and Other Entrepreneurial Reality TV Shows

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September 22, 2015

Move over rose wielding bachelors and cha-chaing celebutantes, reality TV has crowned a new ratings darling: ABC’s “Shark Tank”. The show’s premise is simple: it’s essentially a business pitch competition where entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas on live TV to a panel of investors known as the “sharks”. Rapid-fire deals are negotiated on the spot… Read More

Risk: The Unavoidable Rite of Passage in Value Creation in Innovation

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August 4, 2015

There are a lot of moving gears involved with value creation. Talent, originality, intelligence, and circumstance all play a part in the sustainable process of innovation. However, these qualities can appear abstract and elusive. Is it possible to gauge a prospective employee’s resume or curriculum vitae for any of these respective characteristics? Are there metrics… Read More

Creating a Structured, Repeatable Process For Innovation

Established companies do not easily reinvent themselves.  History shows us that Innovation is often the strategy of startups – but not only is it important in getting to the top, innovation is necessary in order to stay on top. New talent, new techniques, and new products are all needed to stay abreast of the competition.… Read More

How Does Your Company Match Up to the GE Innovation Barometer?

The GE Global Innovation Barometer conducts annual surveys to put a finger on the pulse of innovation around the world. The survey was conducted earlier this year with over 3,200 high level business executives from over 26 countries participating. The executives surveyed are those chiefly responsible for their company’s innovation development.   This year’s survey touched… Read More

Risk is an Imperative for Sustainable Innovation

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June 23, 2014

  Over five thousand failures for just one success:  When Thomas Edison discovered the light bulb it took him 5999 tries to get it right.  Edison is quoted as saying, “Every wrong attempt discarded is a step forward.” Of the ten imperatives to Roberts Rules of Innovation, “No Risk… No Innovation” is arguably one of… Read More

The Sharp Edge of Innovation

It is no hidden secret that innovation is a necessity to compete in today’s marketplace. Often hailed as the Holy Grail for which every organization should strive for, sustainable innovation requires a strategy from start to finish. From the “I” of Inspiration to the “N” of Net Result, you must commit yourself to the process in order to succeed.… Read More

The World’s Most Innovative Companies: Risk, Observation, & Measurement

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October 8, 2013

Every year Fast Company reveals its list of the world’s most innovative companies of the year. With the topic of innovation front and center, Fast Company considers themselves to be a progressive media brand “written for, by, and about the most progressive business leaders”. For the most part, this year’s top 10 listing comes as… Read More

Walking on the Edge with Innovation

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May 6, 2013

Innovation thrives on a diet of news ideas. It needs new views, fresh thinking; a different perspective from across the organization, from the center to the edge. According to John Hagel and John Seely Brown for the Aspen Institute Roundtable Discussion in 2012, the place where innovation is most likely to flourish is not at… Read More