Robert’s Rules of Innovation imperative OWNERSHIP. Innovation needs ownership – a champion within the organization. The champion must convince others to take calculated risks and at times work outside of one’s comfort zone. The champion must take responsibility for project tasks, decisions, and deliverables need to be clearly understood and communicated. For more on ownership in the Innovation process, read the book, Robert’s Rules of Innovation to discover more.

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‘Is This Yours?’ In The Innovation Process, The Answer Defines Ownership


“Excuse me, is this yours?” If someone asked members of your Innovation Team about “ownership” of a current initiative, would individuals reply, “Yes”? Or would the people involved point to the team leader, the CEO or someone else – someone other than themselves? Would they reply, “No, that’s his”?

Ownership Tips


Everyone involved needs to feel truly part of the process and it’s incumbent upon the driver to knock down “us-versus-them” roadblocks in cross-divisional teams.  To wit: Who’s Driving This Thing?: Your program for sustainable Innovation must have a champion, a true driver of the process. Where’s the Passion?: Select associates who care and are truly…