Training and Coaching Tips

Effective training and coaching is one of the pillars of success to any sustainable Innovation program.  These tips will help the process go as smoothly as possible:

  • Share the Joy: As well as the frustrations – communicate what is working and not working.
  • Pick the Right Coaches: Not everyone has the psychological make up to be the coach.  Knowledge is key, obviously.  But the coach needs to be able to motivate, mediate, create camaraderie and a sense of selflessness.
  • The One-On-One Touch: Individual coaching provides the privacy and attention that breeds success.  I’ve found that discussions regarding areas for improvement are received and acting upon much better in a private session, away from peers, listening-in.  This can be especially critical with new employees and/or team members.
  • Basics First: Make certain project management basics are taught, applied, and re-taught.

For more Tips see the book