Small Biz Radio Host Jim Blasingame with Robert Brands

Robert Brands joins Jim Blasingame on the Small Business Advocate radio show to discuss how to inspire Innovation.

As the life cycles of innovations get shorter and shorter each year, it is truly an “innovate or die” world for businesses everywhere. Consumer expectations drive the need to innovate, and Robert Brands shares the best practices for bringing about that change in an organization.

Innovation is all about passion, and is not for the faint of heart. As an innovation leader, you have to walk the walk and talk to talk to truly inspire change. To achieve a culture of innovation, the leader must convince the organization that innovation is everybody’s responsibility. Customer needs can come all levels of the company – not just senior executives but employees in sales, finance, customer service, marketing, and more. Robert Brands talks about including all employees in ideation and creation of innovations.

The ten imperatives of Robert’s Rules of Innovation offer a structured, repeatable process for companies to reach their goals such as bringing one new product to market per year. The key is to commit to innovation. This means tolerating all innovation endeavors, including some failures along the way. Robert Brands encourages risk-taking, failure management, and rewarding leadership as part of a holistic approach to bringing about innovation.

From inspiration to training and coaching, listen to the ten imperatives here in Jim Blasingame’s interview with Robert Brands on the Small Business Advocate show:

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