October 26th – Who better to live the American Dream?

Who better to live the American Dream, than those who promised and served to protect it?

On October 26th, Robert Brands will be one of the speakers to volunteer his time and expertize by offering a workshop in Dallas for The Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities (EBV). Brands will be discussing the 10 step program for corporate survival outlined in his book on how to Create and Sustain Innovation published by John Wiley & Sons.

The only program of its kind, the EBV leverages the “skills, resources and infrastructure of higher education to offer cutting-edge, experiential training in entrepreneurship and small business management to post-9/11 veterans with service-related disabilities.”1 


The program is offered free to participating vets, and one can easily see how it was named as one of the “10-Best” entrepreneurship programs in the United States by INC. Magazine.

The practical elements of the EBV program will involve three phases:

  1. Phase I: Delegates participate in a self-study curriculum, with online discussion driven by faculty and graduate students from one of the partner EBV Universities. During this phase participants will work on the development of their own business models.
  1. Phase II: Delegates participate in a nine-day entrepreneurship boot-camp at one of the EBV Universities, learning about the “nuts and bolts” of business ownership through experiential workshops, and lessons given by world-class entrepreneurship faculty from nationally ranked programs around the country.
  1. Phase III: Delegates are provided with ongoing technical assistance from experts at the EBV Universities and EBV partners.


Check out some of the past graduate business profiles and support them here: http://whitman.syr.edu/EBV/Graduates/profiles.aspx

More so today than ever before, innovation has become the holistic strategy used by profitable business leaders to create and cultivate success.

No longer a luxury, Innovation in and of itself is the key to a company’s survival. It is the lifeblood of a company. That said sustainable innovation does not come about or flourish on its own. Like a newly planted seed it requires the ingredients to shape it and help it grow. Innovation requires a culture and desire to deliver that needs to be nurtured and reinforced by its leadership and a backed by a structured process approach.

The ten imperatives in Robert’s Rules of Innovation (RROI) serve as a guide for starting, nurturing and profiting from a culture of sustained innovation in the workplace. RROI gives easy-to-implement and immediately useful ideas for setting and reaching goals like bringing “at least one new product per year to market.”

Learn more on how to get results in Innovation and all about a structured, repeatable process Look for more information in the book at or Robert’s Rules of Innovation website.