The Best Innovation Bloggers & Articles of 2013

January brings with it new resolutions and reflections on the past year come and gone.

In 2013, we watched as Pope Francis took office as head of the Roman Catholic Church. We followed the Zimmerman trial, and welcomed the royal baby to the world. In 2013 google glass hit the market, the government shut down for two weeks, Uber and Lyft became common house-hold names, and Amazon delivery Drones (still a few years out) caused a stir in the news.  We also saw a lot of truly great work in the innovation community., an online platform for the global innovation community recently released two “best of 2013” articles. For anyone interested in driving growth through sustainable innovation and/or learning about innovation best practices, these two lists are a must.  It doesn’t hurt to see Robert Brands at the top of the list either. The first link below is a list by Innovation Excellence on the top 100 innovation articles of 2013. The second is a list of the top 40 innovation bloggers of 2014.  Enjoy!