Robert’s Rules of Innovation II:
The Art of Implementation

Do you know anyone who still takes a tight-fisted approach to R&D and innovation, as if they were still in the roiling financial tumult of 2008?

If yes, could that someone be you?

In Robert’s Rules of Innovation II: The Art of Implementation, innovation thought-leader Robert Brands introduces readers to the best and most recent thinking of his international network and shows how to permanently implement a culture of Innovation in one’s work environment.

Brands has led innovation-driven companies around the world, and his global network of business leaders comes from different cultures, speaks different languages, and are experts across a variety of industries.

On these pages, these international experts share their passion for innovation and the Art of Implementation and provide hands-on tips in an informative and entertaining manner.

In his first book, also written with author Martin Kleinman, Brands delineated decades worth of collective invaluable experience. Robert’s Rules of Innovation®– much like Robert’s Rules of Order that create order from chaos in meetings around the world – helped business leaders understand the principles needed to create, nurture, and profit from a stable New Product Development (NPD) program.

With The Art of Implementation, readers will quickly revisit the 10 key rules of Innovation and then dive head first into practical techniques to break down the barriers to innovation, whether they are self-imposed or due to external or marketplace reasons.

And, as with his first book, The Art of Implementation delivers a hands-on, understandable, and practical approach to making innovation part of every outfit’s DNA.

The worst of the Great Recession is long over. There are no more excuses, no more reasons to postpone, de-fund, ignore, or otherwise hobble your new product development programs. Whether you manage a multinational or an entrepreneurial start-up, whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, service provider, supplier or retailer, the competitive pressures today – in terms of time, budget, everything — are unprecedented.

There is no time to waste.

Ready to unleash your team’s abilities? Eager to make sure your culture of innovation is properly implemented, poised to create profitable new products and position your company for long-term success?

Welcome, then, to Robert’s Rules of Innovation® – The Art of Implementation.





Chapter I: Create Your Innovation Mantra

  • Review Class: Robert’s Rules of Innovation Revisited
  • Why “The Art of Implementation”?
  • Why Now?
  • What Does Innovation Mean to You? Your Company?

Chapter II: Innovation Assassination

  • Why Does It Happen?
  • When It’s Time to Hatch the Egg
  • Fight the Culture of Fear
  • The Battle: Innovation vs. Operations
  • From the Mind of Google
  • Take Care of Yourself, Too

Chapter III: Master CEO-Speak

  • What Is CEO-Speak?
  • Avoid the Big “No”
  • The Devil Can Sometimes Be the Details
  • Elements of CEO-Speak
  • Master Class: Storytelling for Innovators

Chapter IV: Top Down, Bottom Up

  • Breaking Down Barriers via Alignment
  • Clear Communication Is the Key
  • Alignment Creation in Today’s Work Environment
  • Culture Is King
  • Do You Have a Whip?

Chapter V: Build Your Innovation Team

  • An Elaboration on Collaboration
  • What About Dealing with Creative People?
  • How It Is Done: Two Real-Life Examples

Chapter VI: Ideate. Align. Repeat.

  • Eight Steps to New Product Development
  • What Else Can You Say about the Rapid Innovation
  • Model and Its Limits?
  • Should We Give Up on Rapid Innovation?
  • Ideation Clarification
  • Repeat...

Chapter VII: Crowdsource Your Way to Innovation

  • When Did It All Start?
  • Open Innovation, Co-Creation, Crowdfunding, and
  • Crowdsourcing—Compare and Contrast
  • What Types of Organizations Use Crowdsourcing?
  • Examples of Crowdsourcing
  • Crowdsourcing and You
  • Is Your Organization Ready to Crowdsource?
  • The Grand Challenge Contest

Chapter VIII: Bridge the Generational Divide

  • Key Demographics and the (Fast) Changing of the
  • Workplace Guard
  • Millennials: A Snapshot
  • Fight the Brain Drain to Retain Institutional Knowledge
  • Can’t We All Just Get Along?
  • Who Are These Millennials? Let’s Dig Deeper
  • So . . . What Do Millennials Want?
  • How to Get the Best Millennial Talent
  • How to Create a Millennial-Friendly Workplace

Chapter IX: Robert’s Innovation Roundtable

  • The Art of Innovation Implementation and You
  • Innovation Implementation
  • Disruptive vs. Incremental Innovation
  • Ideation and Brainstorming
  • Innovation Implementation: The Buck Stops Where?

The Art of Implementation - Robert's Rules of Innovation II


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