Robert’s Rules of Innovation:
A 10-Step Program for Corporate Survival

From a leader in innovation best practices, 10 simple and practical steps your business must take to achieve profitable growth, through innovation.

In this timely guide, innovation expert and former CEO Robert Brands presents the best practices for today’s “innovate or die” world, in the form of 10 simple and practical steps your business must take to achieve growth through innovation.

Robert’s Rules of Innovation® simply, intelligently, and entertainingly creates order from the chaos imposed by today’s misguided mandate for “addition by subtraction” profitability. Concisely, Robert’s Rules of Innovation®

  • Distills Robert Brands' wealth of experience as a leader of international product development teams
  • Explains why innovation is imperative
  • Provides the practical steps needed to deliver innovation
  • Draws upon the wisdom of global business leaders and is filled with real world examples, anecdotes, and practices

Timely, accessible, and indispensable, Robert’s Rules of Innovation® is a road map for success through sustainable innovation with a clear message: innovation is the lifeblood of business and the secret to outperforming your competition. Direct and practical, Robert’s Rules of Innovation® is a must-read for managers at all levels.

Read the Forbes article “How Great Entrepreneurs Spell Continuous Innovation" where "Robert's Rules of Innovation" is quoted as a classic.

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Clear and concise start to innovation


A few weeks ago I received "Robert's Rules of Innovation" by Robert F. Brands with Martin J. Kleinman in the mail. "Robert's Rules of Innovation" is an approachable 200 pages, and is an easy, and pleasant read.

The book lays out a self-described 10-step program for corporate survival as a set of ten 'innovation imperatives' that are as follows...

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Fostering a Culture of Innovation

By Larry Underwood - Published on
Format: Hardcover

From what I've observed from my first-hand experience in corporate America (26 years with Enterprise Rent-a-Car), a disturbingly high percentage of upper level managers out there feel their best chance for long-term survival is to maintain the safe status-quo; most organizations are not receptive to risk taking. A culture of fear defines the mindset of the typical organization, from top to bottom; they seem to believe they have no margin for error in how they go about their endeavors...

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From the Inside Flap

Innovation, the key to your company's survival, must be encoded in your corporate DNA. It is an imperative—because you can bet your competitors are going at Innovation full-throttle. Robert's Rules of Innovation: A 10-Step Program for Corporate Survival chronicles decades' worth of collective, invaluable experience contributed by Innovation guru Robert Brands and his international network of Innovate-For-Success experts. Much like Robert's Rules of Order, which created order from chaos in meetings around the world, Robert's Rules of Innovation sets a new standard for "doing" Innovation, equipping you with the principles needed to:

  • Inspire, lead, and drive the process
  • Manage risk, without letting fear of failure kill innovation
  • Create a formalized New Product Development (NPD) process—an absolute must
  • Convince others to work outside their comfort zone
  • Build value for your Innovation
  • Instill accountability—one of the most important of Robert's Rules of Innovation
  • Properly hire, train, and coach—to create, reinforce, and enhance your company's culture and mindset
  • Stay open to new ideas
  • Observe, measure, and track NPD results—essential to optimal ROI
  • Grow profitably, which benefits shareholders, stakeholders, employees, customers, and consumers

Let's face it, whether you manage a multinational company or an entrepreneurial start-up, or if you are a manufacturer, distributor, service provider, supplier, retailer, or a not-for-profit, the pressures today—in terms of time, budget, everything—are unprecedented in our lifetimes. Robert's Rules of Innovation introduces you to easy-to-implement, immediately useful world-class guidance for starting, nurturing, and profiting from a culture of sustained innovation in the work environment. Get passionate about creativity. Prepare to unleash your team's abilities. Create the next home-run new product. Do it all with the high-performance ideas found in Robert's Rules of Innovation.

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