The Hidden Value of an IP Portfolio – Just ask Dell

Value creation is the performance of actions that increase the worth of goods, services and businesses. It benefits customers, who receive improved products and services, as well as shareholders of the company who wish to see their stake appreciate over time.   How does a company create and maintain value? Through innovation processes that build…

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Cashing In On Intellectual Property

Maximizing Innovation by Translating Intellectual Property into Revenue What’s in your IP cupboard? Progressive companies create innovation teams. They invest countless man-hours, dollars and other resources in investigating and pursuing innovation. Yet they often leave their intellectual property untouched, thereby failing to translate patents and other IP into revenue opportunities. American industry and academia hold…

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Value Creation Tips

In the discussion of optimizing sustainable Innovation programs, here is the key: Value Creation.  The real challenge is successfully managing the process and ensuring that the positive outcome results in superior return-on-investment (ROI). A Means to an End: Think of Innovation as a process that uses intellectual capital to generate positive business results and, in…

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