The last imperative in Robert’s Rules of Innovation is NET RESULT, NET REWARD. Innovation is ultimately about achieving ROI derived from the alchemy of ideas-to-money. Reward and recognize the people who assisted in the profitable growth of the new product or idea produced is essential for a sustainable effort. Robert’s Rules of Innovation will guide the reader in creating and sustaining innovation that will strive in producing maximum ROI.

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Creating a Structured, Repeatable Process For Innovation


Established companies do not easily reinvent themselves.  History shows us that Innovation is often the strategy of startups – but not only is it important in getting to the top, innovation is necessary in order to stay on top. New talent, new techniques, and new products are all needed to stay abreast of the competition.…

The Sharp Edge of Innovation


It is no hidden secret that innovation is a necessity to compete in today’s marketplace. Often hailed as the Holy Grail for which every organization should strive for, sustainable innovation requires a strategy from start to finish. From the “I” of Inspiration to the “N” of Net Result, you must commit yourself to the process in order to succeed.…

Net Results Plus Net Rewards, Equal Net Profits.


Net Result, Net Reward:  These two succinct yet powerful phrases define the last imperative of Robert’s Rules of Innovation.  The principle is essential; dynamic innovation will yield a profitable return on investment (ROI) measured as a favorable direct correlation of innovative ideas and net profits earned.  Below is the fundamental framework of Robert’s Rules of…

Net Result, Net Reward: Engineering Sustainability


  How does your company engineer sustainability? Do you track new product sales objectives? Is your NPD pipeline as robust as you’d like it to be? Do you reward people who contribute good ideas to your organization? Do you have a reward system in place for creativity? Do you recognize staff for creativity and accomplishments…

The Right Rewards: Business Beyond Bonuses


What is the ultimate purpose of Innovation in a business? The end goal is Return On Investment (ROI) for all Stakeholders. After all, the objective of the New Product Development process is to turn ideas into money. ROI comes in the form of increased shareholder value, new products and new features – everyone wins, including…

The Reward of Innovation


Innovation is ultimately about return on investment at the end of the New Product Development process. With the success of a new product launch, everyone benefits – from shareholders and company employees to the consumers. Innovation done well reaps market share gain, new products and new features. Essentially, everyone wins. The last imperative of Robert’s…

Why Results Require Rewards: Encouraging Action With Incentive


Imagine a company that has taken the time to consider the role of Innovation in the corporate mission. Employees were encouraged to be part of the innovation process but their reward was compensation linked strictly to output. Does that encourage value-added thought process? In my mind, it encourages work, which should need no encouragement at…