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Innovation Myths Debunked: Part II

Top 8 Popular Myths about Innovators and Innovation – Debunked! (Part 2 of 2) Today’s business world is buzzing with talk about innovators and innovation. While it’s a good thing that innovation is on the forefront of people’s minds, popular thinking about innovation and the culture of innovation in business is often substantially misguided. There…

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Innovation and The Art of Implementation (Part 3)

If you want to survive in today’s supersonic-fast business world, innovation is no longer optional, it’s imperative. Underscoring this same sentiment and urgency for business growth via innovation, Robert’s Rules of Innovation: A 10-Step Program for Corporate Survival provides the straightforward warning: “Innovate or die.” This corporate survival guide presents the best practices for today’s “innovate…

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Innovation Management: Keeping Up With the Digital World

All Aboard the Sensor Revolution: How the Internet of Things is Driving Innovation Those who are plugged in know that technology is a swift changing animal—a shapeshifter always in flux, moving forward at a terabit-fast pace. Keeping up with every new buzz and innovation is undoubtedly whiplash-inducing. But look away and you’ll be left behind.…

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