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The Path to Leading by Example

No matter what industry you’re a part of, chances are you’ve had to deal with seemingly unreasonable demands and double standards from your direct supervisors, bosses, and clients. Perhaps, you’ve been contacted after-hours to make adjustments to your company’s impending press release the next day. Or your work environment has grown increasingly tense because your…

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RROI # 9: Observe and Measure

Observation and measurement – in terms of the performance of the program implementation needs to be built-in as a recurring element : What’s Measured, Is Treasured: And that’s just human nature, so be sure to check and recheck performance – monthly.  No exceptions, no excuses. What gets measured gets done. What to Look For?: the…

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Training and Coaching Tips

Effective training and coaching is one of the pillars of success to any sustainable Innovation program.  These tips will help the process go as smoothly as possible: Share the Joy: As well as the frustrations – communicate what is working and not working. Pick the Right Coaches: Not everyone has the psychological make up to…

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