The first imperative in Robert’s Rules of Innovation is to INSPIRE. Innovation and ideation is pointless without buy-in and support from top management. The leader of your New Product Development effort, your Innovation SWAT team, has to inspire, lead and drive the process. For inspiration to take place, the leader has to be regularly and personally involved so that everyone is on the same page. There are five key steps to achieve the type of Innovation culture that inspires and creates intra-organization cohesion. Discover more about INSPIRATION in the book, Robert’s Rules of Innovation .

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The Path to Leading by Example


No matter what industry you’re a part of, chances are you’ve had to deal with seemingly unreasonable demands and double standards from your direct supervisors, bosses, and clients. Perhaps, you’ve been contacted after-hours to make adjustments to your company’s impending press release the next day. Or your work environment has grown increasingly tense because your…

Creating a Structured, Repeatable Process For Innovation


Established companies do not easily reinvent themselves.  History shows us that Innovation is often the strategy of startups – but not only is it important in getting to the top, innovation is necessary in order to stay on top. New talent, new techniques, and new products are all needed to stay abreast of the competition.…

Exponential Leadership and Innovation


“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”  While there is no hard evidence to attribute the above quote to Henry Ford, there is no argument that he was a visionary of his time. He created something that consumers didn’t realize they needed, by making the automobile affordable. He…



Great leaders blaze new trails, inspire new ways of thinking, and lead their organizations with purpose. In order for any company to meet its goals and to achieve sustainable Innovation, leaders need to inspire their teams, top to bottom, and bottom up. They must involve their entire organization in the vision, and promote an honest and…

How Does Your Company Match Up to the GE Innovation Barometer?


The GE Global Innovation Barometer conducts annual surveys to put a finger on the pulse of innovation around the world. The survey was conducted earlier this year with over 3,200 high level business executives from over 26 countries participating. The executives surveyed are those chiefly responsible for their company’s innovation development.   This year’s survey touched…

Leading for Innovation


Creating a company culture and mindset focused on innovation begins with proper training and coaching from leaders within the organization. From top to bottom, from executives to newcomers, everyone must be included in training and coaching programs. When you develop, support, and educate your workforce, employee engagement soars and innovation becomes reoccurring and sustainable.    …

“Inciting Discovery, Inspiring Change” #CINONY


Earlier this month, Innovation Enterprise held a Chief Innovation Officer Summit in New York City. The Summit brings together innovation leaders from a range of industries to “incite discovery, inspire change & facilitate a cross-pollination of ideas”. Panelists from some of the most innovative companies such as Pfizer, Disney, Sony, and NASA discussed innovation best…

Training and coaching for game-changing innovation


Innovate or die. Game changing innovation is hard. It is not simply the outcome of great ideas, but managing a holistic approach to innovate from start to finish. Every successful business leader knows that innovation in business is essential, but the best way to engineer and sustain it is not always clear. Consider kick-starting your…

Innova(T)ion – Wisdom in Training and Coaching


Why do so many companies falter, even while led by innovation champions and ceo’s that are inspirational, hard-working, smart, driven, and expend major time and effort trying to get it right? One often forgotten imperative in Robert’s Rules of Innovation ® is TRAINING AND COACHING. Proper training and coaching in the new product development process…